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If weird incidents happen in this weird-human sustaining world, everyone must get to know about it, Right? If you want to zip up your mind with entertainment, news and any other trending topic of this world, you have come to the right place.

Two brothers cropped up the idea of this website in 2014, with the motive of making bizarre stories reach people all around the world and the company WEBBER MEDIA and CandyReader emerged. Gradually, a team was formed which collaborated in a small room and together they brainstormed, in order to popularize this website, which now has million viewers.

What WE DO?

We are here to provide relevant information to the people we love about lifestyle, friendships, relationships, health and fitness, what to do or what not do in a world where anything can go wrong, any second. Maybe if we were on Mars, things could have been different, but unfortunately, that is not the case yet. Stories which are told here will shock you, surprise you and some will even bring tears to your eyes and melt your heart. Along with it there is a twinge of humor as well, in different real-life hilarious stories and articles, which we share. You know because, life is a joke, so why take it seriously?


We are focused on keeping all the stories updated on our website, the stories which people want to know and must know for living a better life. These stories will grip you and entertain you, so that you can get information in an easy way. After all, who wants to read the serious news with monotonous content in it, all the time? These stories will be so engaging that you would love to share them with your friends and family.

With the help of our talented and hardworking team and our loving fans and followers, our website is attracting more and more traffic every day. CandyReader also invites you to send your thought-provoking stories to us and we will help you make them, viral.

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